1. Train your manufacturers reps and distributors on new and existing products
  2. Introduce new products and initiatives
  3. Work with your manufacturers reps and distributors on strategies and approaches that will make them more successful
  4. Concentrate your time, budget and attention on training and not on securing a conference space and other details of setting up your own training event
  5. Recognize your top performers
  6. Save time and money on training
  7. Meet with potential manufacturers reps
  8. Network with other manufacturers to identify common problems
  9. Hold sales training away from the distractions of trade shows
  10. Attend special training, custom crafted for CMC attendees, on issues pertinent to manufacturers and led by renowned subject matter experts.

Advantages of CMC for Representatives and Distributors

  1. Focused time for training on new products away from the demands and distractions of national trade shows
  2. All manufacturers are in one location, saving time and money on travel
  3. Time for in depth work with manufacturers on tools and procedures that you need for your organization’s success in your territory
  4. Network with other manufacturers representatives around the U.S. to get perspective on competitive situations and new approaches
  5. Attend additional training on sales and industry trends to enhance your team’s sales performance
  6. Have time to gather your entire team together in one place for your own meetings
  7. Add new manufacturers and products to your line card
  8. Discuss concerns and ideas with manufacturers, other manufacturers representatives and distributors to gain new insights
  9. Receive awards in a supportive environment
  10. Gain a better sense of overall trends in the industry


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